Integrated production from raw materials to finished products
Chrysanthemum’s unique manufacturing process produces high quality products.


Wire rods

Carefully selected wire rods of optimum quality for applications

We use the raw materials, wire rods, from a major steel manufacturer. Based on the recognition that the quality of our inner cables and other products depends first and foremost on the raw materials, we use the wire rods of optimum quality according to applications.


Chemical pickling line

Surface treatment for next process, primary wire drawing

Wire rods delivered from blast furnace manufacturers have a hard iron oxide film (scale) on their surface, which we remove in the chemical pickling process and apply coating on their surface suitable for the primary drawing. The wire rods are immersed first in an acidic bath at an appropriate temperature to remove scales, washed with water, neutralized, immersed in a special surface treatment agent to form a film on the surface, and dried.



Dry type continuous drawing machine

Optimal die control and stabilization of wire outer diameter

In the primary drawing process, we draw the surface-treated wires using cemented carbide alloy dies. Chrysanthemum sets the die shape and drawing conditions in our own manner for the optimization in this process. Stabilization of the outer diameter of the drawn lengthy wires leads to the uniform quality in the subsequent processes.



Patenting & electroplating line

Chrysanthemum’s unique high technology

Passing one pipe for each wire in the furnace is Chrysanthemum’s unique method, which prevents scratches and contamination. These measures enable in-line electroplating.

Uniform high-purity plating

In-line electro galvanization of the heat-treated wires allows zinc to adhere uniformly on their circumference without being affected by gravity, which helps the wires, in the subsequent drawing process, to enter a die with uniform resistance.



Wet type continuous drawing machine

Wire drawing by die control to micron level

The die shape and drawing conditions in the wire drawing processes are important in determining the performance of the wires as well as patenting and electroplating. Our unique dies and high-performance continuous drawing machines enable us to manufacture wires suitable for various applications. In addition, in order to control their outer diameter strictly, the dies are specified down to the micron level.



Stranding machine

Strands of uniform quality using various stranding machines

Based on the customers’ specifications, we strand the wires drawn in the secondary wire drawing within strict tolerance to mainly core strands and side strands of stranded inner cables from the lower layer in this process.




Flexible control to meet customer’s requirements

We strand a plurality of strands into inner cables using a closer. The inner cables are preformed and postformed in the closing stranding process. Since this process is the final step of the stranded wires, their basic performance is significantly affected here. Therefore, in order to meet every requirement of the customers, we control the various conditions flexibly to manufacture lengthy wires with the constant quality.



Linking three factors, Manufacturing, Quality & Engineering, and Sales departments realizes a streamlined flow, which enables us to provide speedy delivery services.