We have established a system to provide products of optimum quality, calculating the conditions and settings uniquely to maximize the customers’ needs.
We provide sincere after-sales service not to mention the product performance.
Our product quality is trusted all over the world. We pay close attention to details uncompromisingly.


We have three production factories, head office factory in Osaka as a core base, Chrysanthemum Hokuriku in Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan, and Chrysanthemum Vietnam. Flexible manufacturing depending on products maximizes the production efficiency at low cost.


Taking advantage of the mobility, one of our strengths, our sales department works closely with the customers, expands the information obtained from them in advance to the manufacturing department, which realizes appropriate production in “Chrysanthemum original system”.

Our flexible and speedy responses to the customer’s required delivery have been well received. In addition, we have a wide range of product lineup and respond to urgent orders.

04Human resources

Making full use of the technology cultivated since our establishment in 1960, we make continuous improvements as “ONE TEAM” in order to ensure efficient and stable production and to deliver quality that meets customers’ requirements in the shortest possible delivery time.
Toward the corporate philosophy “Being an attentive company”, we are developing professional human resources.