Specially plated inner cables Chrysanthemum originally developed with improved rust prevention and durability comparing to conventional galvanized inner cables

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Generation of red rust on 7×7 φ1.5 in salt spray testing (JIS Z 2371)
0h 50h 100h 150h 200h 250h 300h
KIKU-GT red rust generated in 300 hours or more
Galvanized cable red rust generated in 48 to 72 hours
■Features of KIKU-GT

High rust prevention

KIKU-GT is 4 to 5 times more  rustproof than conventional galvanized  inner cables.

High durability

KIKU-GT is more durable than conventional galvanized inner cables in a rusty environment with moisture and salt.

Excellent slidability

KIKU-GT, with its low-friction plated layer on the surface, has same or better slidability compared to conventional galvanized inner cables.

High performance balance

Good combination of performance and cost between galvanized and SUS inner cables

Comparison of inner cables (1.5mm) by material
inner cable
inner cable
inner cable
Generation time of red rust in salt spray testing (JIS Z 2371) 48 – 72 hours 300 hours or more 1,000 hours or more
Bending durability Excellent Excellent Good
Slidability Good Excellent Good
Cost Low High
  • Excellent in bending  durability!
  • Excellent in bending  durability!
  • 4 to 5 times or more rustproof than galvanized inner cable!
  • Chrysanthemum  originally developed!
  • -Best rustproof!